Based in Dubai, UAE

Un-official Founding date:
March 2013




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POBOX 52161

Karama, Dubai, UAE.

Al Khaleej Building, 301


V teaches the player to think twice under a second. The game attempts to simplify the stroop effect and adds a layer of nostalgic visuals inspired by a 90s TV set. Progress through every country on the planet. Unlock audio achievements. Learn what Cyan means.

History (skip this unless you want lore)


V was originally called RED. In 2015 Tarek wanted to make money quickly, so he asked a friend over the phone to come up with 5 concepts for a game before he got to the office. One of the ideas were about saying something but meaning something else, this reminded Tarek of a facebook post he saw about the Stroop Test. They soon studied more of the concept and how to implement it. This was our Flappy Bird and this game is what 'Creability just wanting to make money asap' looked like. 

"Let's do this in a week"

The game was completed by May 2016 but apple didn't approve it due to a single small bug. To resolve this small bug - they set out to remake the game from scratch. They vowed to complete the game in a single week. Tarek realized how optimistic that statement seemed as they enter their 3rd month of development and was about to give up Creability for his significant other - persuaded to try and take on shit jobs to move out and live alone because that's what a sustainable male means to his lover. There was also the on-going & game, the next big ambitious thing after Only If which loyal fans have been patiently waiting for, for two years, has released it's first Teaser online.

Looking at things from hindsight

& was canceled. Tarek was dumped/blocked. V released on the 16th of May 2017 on PC and will soon hit mobile. Creability diverts it's attention to developing social applications that solve social problems.


    Beta video (2015) YouTube

    Updates (2016) Youtube

    Game-play (2017) YouTube



    • "Terribly addictive!"
    • "Such a simple concept, but executed so brilliantly. I especially love the music."
    • "I am on the verge of throwing my laptop out of the window."

    -Beta players from Gamejolt


    Tarek Ghandour
    Game Director

    Jawad Jandali Refai
    Lead Programmer


    presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)